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Applebrook B&B is a 200 year old Historical Victorian Style Farm House that overlooks the White Mountains. Each room is individualy decorated and have private bathrooms.

Meet the Innkeepers

Applebrook B&B is now owned and operated by Renny and Priscilla D'Amico as of January of 2014. They purchased the bed and breakfast with the interest of meeting people from around the world and sharing their happy home with others. Priscilla loves to cook and bake while Renny likes to socialize with guests.

The History of Applebrook B&B

Applebrook B&B has a proud history and the land surrounding it tells a fascinating story.  The land on which Applebrook B&B is situated was once inhabited by the Paleo Indians, about 14,000 years ago. We have had archeological digs here on multiple occasions where they have found arrowheads and other hunting tools.

Paleo Indians
Newspaper clipping about Applebrook Bed and BreakfastPaleo-Indians is a classification term given to the people who inhabited the American continents during the final glacial episodes of the late Pleistocene period.  Evidence suggests big-animal hunters crossed the Bering Strait from Asia (Eurasia) into North America over a land and ice bridge (Beringia), that existed between 45,000 BCE-12,000 BCE. The people likely came on foot or used primitive boats along the coastline.  Stone tools, particularly projectile points and scrapers, are the primary evidence of the earliest human activity in the Americas.

Deborah "Granny" Stalbird
Applebrook B&B is also famous for being the home of Granny Stalbird, an amazing female doctor who traveled by horse to visit the sick. Granny was born 21 May 1755 in New Hampshire, in the vicinity of Portsmouth.

She was the second woman to settle in what is now Jefferson, Coos County, New Hampshire.  Deborah brought with her the first Bible in town, for which she had paid ten weeks work. Tradition says she also made the first maple sugar of the settlement.

She arrived to cook and keep house for Col. Joseph Whipple, who owned most of the township. Colonel Whipple reportedly paid her a year's salary in depreciated Continental currency which he knew to be nearly valueless. She criticized him in such a strong manner that he offered her any unsold fifty acres in the town, in addition to what she had been paid.

Deborah chose the lower half of lot No. 10, range 6.  In the deed made by Col. Whipple, December 10, 1797, the consideration is given as "one dollar duly and truly in hand paid before the delivery hereof, and the love I bear to the said Deborah Vicker." Eventually Deborah married Richard Stalbird and they made their life residence.

Throughout her life, Deborah continued to add to her natural skill in nursing by improving her knowledge of local Native American remedies.  She traveled by horseback, and on foot, on a regular circuit extending from the Connecticut River to Gilead. She reportedly had a sympathetic nature and greatly endeared herself to all who required her aid.

The Stalbird family lived at the property currently known as Applebrook Bed & Breakfast in Jefferson, New Hampshire, for at least 4 generations.
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